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7 No No’s when Applying for a Home Loan

Buying a home can be so exciting but there are 7 things you should NOT do when you have applied for a mortgage!!! Don’t buy or lease an auto!!  Lenders look carefully at your debt-to-income ratio.  A large payment such as a car lease or purchase can greatly impact those ratios and prevent you from [...]

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Why Buy Now?

HOMES ARE BEING SOLD AT BARGAIN PRICESOver the last 5 years, the real estate crisis has led to a variety of distressed property on the market.  What sold for much higher prices now sell for a discount in this troubled market.  Foreclosures, default properties, bank-owned homes, and short sales make up this new category of [...]

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Financial Planning & Home Comparison

Weddings are such a wonderful occasion.  We love working with people to help them reach their financial goals. Sometimes you need a little more help than I can provide.Your home loan is probably the largest financial commitment that you will make in you life.  It is critical that you understand how your home financing fits [...]

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Planning and Budgeting

The wedding is getting closer and it sure is an exciting time! A lot of things to prepare, to get ready and to think about, But we want to remind you, your wedding is just the beginning of a lifelong commitment that will require discipline from both of you.  Lets talk for a minute about [...]

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What is PMI?

Do you know what mortgage insurance is?   Many people confuse mortgage insurance with mortgage life insurance, mortgage disability insurance, or even homeowners insurance.  These are all very different types of insurance – no wonder there is such confusion! Mortgage insurance is generally required when the down payment on a home is less than 20%, [...]

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Buy vs. Rent

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  What a wonderful and exciting time for both of you. Since you’ve begun planning your important day, now is the ideal time to consider where you will live as you start your life together.  One big decision is the choice between renting versus home ownership. If you need help deciding [...]

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Honeymoon Travel Checklist

  The Big day is just around the corner. Wedding bells are dancing in your head. The excitement and anticipation must be building as you get closer and closer to your wedding date.  The wedding bells quickly turn into door bells. You still have some concerns about the loan process, so we thought you might [...]

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Rates, Fees, and Reputation (Borrower’s Golden Rule)

"Don't judge a loan by its interest rate alone." Borrower's Golden Rule Finding the right lender isn’t as simple as calling the company that posts the lowest rate on the Internet.  True, the interest rate is an important piece to the puzzle, but it’s not the only criteria you should use in making the right [...]

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How to Pick a Real Estate Professional

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...... Planning a wedding is a big job. As you may already know, it can be very trying, yet wonderful experience. Finding a professional is just as important. The decision to buy a home is one of the most important financial decisions most people make, yet many give little thought to finding the [...]

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