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Getting a new Driver’s License

Changing your name on your Driver’s License isn’t difficult, but you do have to go in personally to change it. They will also take a new picture of you for your new license.

You can find the closest DMV office by doing a quick Google Search for DMV Office.

I personally like the Driver license division in Draper, I have never had a very long wait at this one.

Required Documentation:

  • Marriage Certificate
  • Old Driver’s License (or copy, see below)
  • Change Form at the division (make sure to fill it out while you wait in line)

Notes & Tips:

If you can, try to keep a copy of your license with your maiden name on it. To change your name with the social security office you will need it.  If they won’t let you keep the actual license I would make sure to have a copy of it before you go to change your name.

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